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Navigating the energy transition

The grid - the most critical infrastructure for our entire economy and society – is ageing and facing unprecedented challenges: continued rise of renewables and distributed energy resources, blackouts, growth in demand, climate change. We at Amp X are turning challenges into opportunities by forging the path of least resistance to a future-proof grid, for the benefit of our society and our planet.


Upgrading the grid from the ground up

Our novel transformer combined with power electronics for grid edge applications is a powerful solution to provide highly dynamic voltage regulation and power factor optimisation. The Smart Tx maximises penetration of distributed energy resources, while improving grid stability, resilience and visibility within the distribution network.

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The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Our virtual power plant is able to dynamically manage and optimise the real-time dispatch of multiple assets simultaneously, with the unique advantage of being transactive-ready. With integrated monitoring, control and analytics capability, our VPP will help increase asset profitability, whilst reducing Operations and Maintenance through-life costs.

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Harnessing grid flexibility from any device in your business and household

Our transactive-ready platform that aggregates demand-side flexibility at a massive scale down to individual devices. With autonomy at its core, our DSM allows the dynamic and efficient management of industrial, commercial and residential loads. Highly consumer-centric, the Amp X DSM unlocks new revenue streams for all market participants that can supply grid flexibility.

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The grid of the future in your hands

An innovative trading platform that makes it easy for every consumer and producer to transact in their local energy market while helping the planet. Through a real-time interaction between consumer appliances, distributed energy resources and the network, Amp X Transactive maximises consumer engagement and enables new business models for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

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Our mission is to deliver a disruptive grid edge digital energy platform to allow all forms of distributed generation and load to make a dynamic contribution in the relevant energy markets

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